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Spinal Rehabilitation

Spinal Rehabilitation

Relieve and repair spinal injury, lower back and neck pain

We take a multidisciplinary approach to treating spinal injury for successful results


Integrative physiotherapy for best outcomes

Therapists at Campbelltown Physiotherapy manage spinal injury, lower back pain and neck pain with a combination of established back pain treatment methods, individualised to your needs. We achieve excellent results with our multidisciplinary approach, which incorporates:


Lower back pain

Our physiotherapists are knowledgeable and experienced at successfully treating lower back pain. Lower back pain has been shown to impair the activation of core stability muscles that support the healthy functioning of the lower back.  Our approach to rehabilitation focuses on correcting this deficiency by building up core stability and strengthening the lumbar spine, glutes and lower limbs.

During the program, we assess the nature of work or other activities you do, and advise on safe lifting, pushing, pulling, holding, restraining, throwing and carrying, and workstation setup. We arm you with knowledge to prevent the injury from recurring, to keep you working, walking, gardening and doing all the activities you enjoy.

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Mobility and Strength Program

Oedema and Pain Control Electrotherapy

Home Excercise Programs


Mobility Aides and Braces

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