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Casting & Splinting

Fracture Clinic

Expert casting and splinting

After seeing your doctor to confirm a fracture, come to our clinic where all physiotherapists are trained in plaster casting and splinting.


Waterproof fibreglass casting

Body:      We also specialise in waterproof fibreglass casting. Fibreglass is much lighter and more comfortable than plaster, with the added convenience of being able to get it wet. Waterproof fibreglass casting is a popular choice with most of our fracture patients.


Braces for complex fractures

Our clinic also provides braces for upper and lower limb complex fractures:

  • Orthopaedic boots for foot and ankle fractures,
  • Zimmer splints for knee fractures,
  • Hinged knee braces for post-operative or ligament injuries,
  • Wrist and thumb braces as an alternative to fracture casts,
  • Finger splints including stax splints for those small ligament pulling and bore injuries.

Make an appointment online,or call our friendly team to find out more about fracture casting and splinting at Campbelltown Physiotherapy.

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